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RockSpoolTM Specifications

 The RockSpoolTM is made from real rock that is pulverized, combined with resins, and remanufactured.  Itís color, texture, feel and wear is like that of real rock. The RockSpoolTM underneath is fiberglass reinforced for strength, and fully insulated for heating efficiency.  Itís unique combination of heat-retention and a powerful heater allows it more versatile use than any other pool or spa product on the market.  Itís five products all in one, a refreshing cool water pool, heated pool, water feature, hot spa, and landscape centerpiece. 

We Manufacture the RockSpoolTM in Nevada (moved it from Southern California because Nevada is business friendly), sell and installed in San Diego County, California and Maricopa County in Arizona. We also ship everywhere else across the country and assist with the installation.

The RockSpoolTM is available in 2 colors and custom colors are available for an arm and leg. There is a choice of 2 different waterfalls. The Combo is approximately 42" tall, and the Triple is approximately 52" tall. 

The outside dimensions with the combo waterfall is approximately 9' X 14', and 8' X 11.5' with the triple waterfall. Water surface area on both models is approximately 6' X 7'. The water depth is standard spa depth of approximately 30". I will tell you that the biggest comment we get from people the first time they get in one is how much bigger it is than it looks. Its kind of an optical illusion. The rocks are so big it dwarfs the water. For example, I have one customer that wanted to buy one for her 72nd birthday present to herself and when she came to look at it at she said "Thatís way too small, my raft won't fit on it" I told her it would and that I am 6'4" and do it all the time. She said there is no way. I talked her into bringing her raft and swim suit out 2 weeks latter. Standing on the edge she said "See I told you my raft would not fit" and I said put your raft on the water and try it. So she did, and then got on her raft. Then she said "This is so much bigger than it looks, this is perfect" and she order one on the spot.

RS-Raft.jpg (213672 bytes) No this gal is not 72! I would not do that to you! 

It holds approximately 400 to 450 gallons depending on where you set the water level.

It has 7 therapy contoured seats, seats 6 adults comfortably. RSe.jpg (73540 bytes) One owner boast of having 13 people is his, said it was real friendly and there was no water when they got out!

It can be installed with or without jets or a heater. The heater may be electric, natural gas or propane.

It is usually installed in only 1 or 2 days depending on difficulty of location, gas and electric runs, city inspection etc.  

Average time from order to installation is 3 months. If you order late and wish to have it installed sooner, let us know and we will start pulling strings to move you up. There are a couple of things we can do to move you up on the schedule. You can usually get it in 3 to 6 weeks if your in hurry.