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RockSpoolTM  Packages

Cool RockSpool

 - For the customer that only wants to use it as a landscape centerpiece, therapeutic waterfall, and a refreshing pool to cool off in the summer.

Equipment: filtration pump, skim-filter, & timer. $15,495 for a Do it yourself kit, $18,495 installed.


Electrically heated RockSpool

-         Jets, insulation, bubble cover and an 11kw electric heater are added.

Equipment: filtration pump, skim-filter, timer, 2 diverter valves, and an 11 kW electric heater. $18,9495. for a Do it yourself kit, $20,495 installed.


Natural Gas or Propane heated RockSpool

-         Powerful gas heater is added for a Fast heating.

Equipment: Equipment: filtration pump, skim-filter, timer, 2 diverter valves, timer & air switch, and a 125k BTU gas or propane heater. $20,495. for a Do it yourself kit, $23,495 installed.  

Deluxe RockSpool - This is our #1 best selling package

-         It's a landscape centerpiece, therapeutic waterfall, a refreshing pool, and Really Fast heated pool and spa, with all Jacuzzi equipment.

Equipment: Deluxe jets, Jacuzzi or Hayward 2hp 2sd pump, Jacuzzi or Hayward 100+ cartridge filter, Jacuzzi MM4 Master Mind timer with the Jacuzzi wireless remote control, and a Ray Pac or Hayward 250k BTU gas or propane heater. $21,495. for a Do it yourself kit, $24,995 installed.


Listed above are our most common requested packages. We also offer custom packages. Simply contact us and we will put the "perfect package together just for you". 

Additional Optional Equipment

            You can have up to 6 pumps, multiply therapy seats, multiple remote controls, fiber optic lighting, Bose sound system, we can even build in a color TV, plasma screen, or a cooler in an adjoining rock if you wish. In addition you can add any type of purification systems you like; salt system, bromine, chlorine, ozone, UV bacteria control, etc.

All RockSpool pricing above includes standard installation

In-ground installation includes: all digging, trenching, sand fill, hauling off excess dirt, all plumbing, electrical, equipment slabs, startup chemicals, vacuum, pole, net, testing strips, and training on how to use and care for your RockSpoolTM. Electrical runs over 50' are $5.00 per foot. Plumbing from RockSpoolTM to equipment over 25' is $25.00 per foot. Propane and Natural Gas runs over 50' are $12.00 per foot. Building permits, fire permits, digging in hard ground, landscape repair, sprinkler system repair, tunneling under walls or concrete slabs, crane delivery etc., are not included and are extra. For more on installation options, please see the Installation page. 

Payments Terms; Your payments are broken up into 2 categories; a) the RockSpoolTM and Equipment portion is the rock and waterfall part that you see & sit in and the equipment (pump/s, heater, controller, etc.) b) the installation portion which is what the contractor/s are getting paid to install it for you. The way it works is you pay 1/2 of the rock and equipment portion when you order. Then your RockSpoolTM gets made and ready to ship from the Nevada factory. During this time you may have your equipment delivered if you wish, or have it delivered around the same time as the rest, which ever is better for you. For your equipment we use a national pool/spa wholesaler to deliver it to you from their nearest location to you. Once the factory has finished making the rock portion and it is plumbed and tested, you will be notified that it is ready to be shipped to you. That is when the other 1/2 of your RockSpoolTM & equipment portion is due. Once it is received, it will be shipped to you. Then lastly, you will pay the contractor/s directly for the installation when they are completed.