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              The RockSpoolTM

    The Ultimate Backyard Entertainment Center

          Cool Pool - Heated Pool - Hot Spa - Soothing Waterfall - Beautiful Landscape Centerpiece

                                                            All in One!

Imagine spending your evenings relaxing to the soothing sounds of water cascading over a rock waterfall as your sore muscles are massaged by micro sage jets and warm pulsating water. Well, you can, in a RockSpoolTM.  What’s a RockSpoolTM? It’s an ingenious product that is a cool water pool, heated pool, hot spa and beautiful landscape centerpiece all in one. The RockSpoolTM is pre-fabricated, light-weight, and fully insulated and only takes 1 or 2 days to install. It is large enough for two adults to float on separate rafts side by side and has seven contoured comfortable seats inside. During the hot days of summer, the RockSpoolTM provides a refreshing cool water oasis for entertaining friends or splashing family fun. Enjoy a heated pool year round on those nice sunny days when all your neighbors’ pools are just too cold to use. Relax in a therapeutic hot spa any time you want, day or night. Or just sit back and enjoy the beautiful sights and soothing sounds only a waterfall can make. The RockSpoolTM is the ultimate backyard entertainment center.